After writing the previous post, I noticed that our message light was blinking. Figuring it was probably Jeannine, I asked Lindsay to check it. Watching her facial expressions as she listened to the phone, I could tell that something was wrong. Either that, or she was joking around…but at this point I don’t think either one of us would have hazarded a joke on the subject of our luggage…it just wasn’t funny anymore (not that it was ever funny, but it wasn’t as agonizing earlier in the trip). Jeannine’s message was that we’d have to wait until Rhodes (the day after tomorrow) to get our luggage. Apparently there’s an air traffic controller strike, so our bags can’t get to Mykonos. So, hopefully we’ll get them in Rhodes. If anyone’s keeping track, that will be day SEVEN of our dream honeymoon that we finally get our luggage. At this point, I figure it’ll be an act of God that will further delay our luggage…perhaps a tsunami or a typhoon or some other water-based cataclysm.


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  1. your mother would not have been a happy camper. as for me, i’d be running around rhodes nekkid, as the new colossus.

  2. all five readers of this site thank you for that image, Dad ๐Ÿ™‚

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