Day 6 – Mykonos (2007.05.23)

After last night’s bad news, we had to start today off right – with a visit to the breakfast buffet. When I’m home, I usually don’t even eat breakfast, but for some reason I ate about three breakfasts this morning. I pretty much had at least a bite of every sort of breakfast food that exists, and then seconds on the ones I liked the most. Lindsay is <sarcasm>slightly</sarcasm> pickier than me, so a single plate of food was enough for her. Sated, we went off to our first activity of the day, Jackpot Bingo!

Today’s bingo session was longer than yesterday’s. Instead of just a single game, it was a “full” session of four games – and guess how many we won? That’s right, zero! Also, the caller has a dumb joke for each of the numbers (well, some of them, anyway), and they’ve already started to repeat themselves (and this is with different callers, too). One thing I like is that when you’re one number away from bingo you have to stand up, and the rest of the players “boo” you. I guess it makes it easier for them to know where a “Bingo!” comes from, but I still like to be able to boo people…it’s fun. Anyway, after failing to shout “Bingo!” (or even get to the point of standing up), we went back to the room to get ready for our first port of call – Mykonos.

Seeing as how we still didn’t have our luggage, we once again got dressed in one of the two “outfits” that we’ve been wearing for the entire trip (at least clean this time, and not (I’m assuming) laundered in a bidet). We made our way down to the Savoy Night Club (which is two decks below us, but at the opposite end of the ship – also, we try to use the stairs as much as possible to counteract all of the food we’re eating (well, I’m eating)) to sign in for our shore excursion to Mykonos. For those of you who are cruise-deficient, here’s a quick lesson. There’s lots more to do than just stay on the boat. At each port of call, we’ve booked a shore excursion through Celebrity. While it’s possible to make your way on your own, we figured we’d want to do something organized, since this is our first time over here. Also, Mykonos is what’s known as a tender port. I guess the port itself is too shallow for the mighty M.V. Galaxy, so tenders (like shuttle buses, but shuttle boats) are used to transport us to and from the island.

DelosSo, back to the story – we went to Savoy to sign in for our shore excursion, “Ancient Delos”. Delos is a tiny island about a 20-minute boat ride away from Mykonos, in the center of the Cyclades (sorry for all of these links to wikipedia, but you’ll find a lot more interesting information there than here). The Cyclades are a group of islands forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos – sacred due to its being the birthplace of the gods Apollo and Artemis. Pie!You can read all about it on the wiki links, and take a look at the pics we took (pics 34-85), but you can’t really capture the coolness of being there. I also learned a lot – did you know that the ancient Greeks invented Trivial Pursuit? I can’t imagine what else that pie-looking-sculpture could be.

After the tour we headed back to Mykonos, proper, to do a little walking around and sight-seeing. It seemed to be a touristy area, with little shops selling souvenirs, outdoor cafes and the usual entertainment. Before heading back to the ship (via tender) we stopped at a little sweets shop off of the main “street” where we got some fresh, homemade baklava. I can definitely say that it was the best baklava I’ve ever had, and my mouth is watering right now just thinking of it.

Back on the ship, we were treated to a Greek dinner buffet up on the pool deck. There was a lot of food, most of which I recognized, all of which was delicious. There was a lamb or a goat roasting on a spit, and I had to wait behind some guy who wanted the neck (see Mom, you’re not the only one!) while the chef tried a bunch of different ways to remove it from the body (hacking, sawing, pulling, twisting, etc.). It was worth the wait, though. During the buffet a trio of Greek musicians was playing some authentic Greek music (with a guitar, a bouzouki and a hand-drum), and a little way through dinner the cruise director (Stewart) and some other people started a folk-dancing ring. It was a lot of fun…to watch.

After dinner we came back to the stateroom to get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow morning at 9 we dock at Rhodes, although Jeannine says our luggage won’t clear customs (or something like that) until noon or so, so we’re gonna have yet another day of the same clothes. At least we have an excuse if our pictures all look identical.

All pics from today can be seen here.

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