CakeThis is going to be a quick entry, because there’s really nothing to add to the title. We spent the past two days relaxing in and around the Glynn House, the same bed & breakfast where we spent our mini-honeymoon last year (waiting for the weather to become cruise-worthy). The family that runs the place (Glen, Pamela and Ingrid) was just as charming as last year, although we didn’t have them all to ourselves, since we went on a weekend instead of mid-week. There was a pretty full house, including a number of dogs (Glynn House is pet-friendly, which I’m sure is not common in the b&b world, but makes it very easy to travel with pets). We met and spoke with a few couples (including one from Haverhill, which is only 15 minutes or so south of us), and enjoyed some interesting conversations. Everyone was pretty much there to relax and unwind, so it was quite nice.

We got home some time this afternoon, and after a nap, some more relaxing and dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s(a local chain restaurant) got the top layer of our wedding cake out of the fridge to partake of the first anniversary tradition. The yellow cake part was a little dry (after spending a year in the freezer, that’s to be expected), but the frosting parts were just as good as when we first had it. We’ll most likely polish it off in the next week or so, since there’s no point in freezing it again.

Private message to Lindsay:
Lindsay, I love you more and more each day, and look forward to spending the rest of forever with you!


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