This is more for my reference than anything, but I wanted to write down all the “milestone” dates so far.

January 24 – Last period

February 6 – Conception (?)
February 21 – Peed on a stick…yay! It was positive!
February 22 – Told our parents and brothers (we swore we could last a month at least, we barely lasted a day)

March 24 – First prenatal appt (finally! That was an excruciating month-long wait). They took 13 vials of blood and all was healthy.
March 26 – First ultrasound (I kinda fibbed and said I didn’t know when my last period was since they don’t typically do an ultrasound this early except for dating. I’m glad I lied, though!)

April 17 – Heard heartbeat for the first time.
April 21 – First trimester screening, second ultrasound. They took more blood and again everything is healthy!
April 22 – Second prenatal appt – met my doctor and heard the heartbeat again. 153 bpm!
April 28 – By now pretty much everyone we know knows the good news! Start saving your old baby stuff!

May 21 – Third prenatal appt scheduled

So far that’s all I know. I will update as things happen now that we can be “out” with this information.

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