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Here’s my favorite pic from the second ultrasound:

You can see legs!!!!
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a printout of the coolest thing we saw during the ultrasound, which was our baby sucking his/her thumb. It’s amazing that even at that small size, things are so proportional. Well, aside from that giant noggin.

The rest of the pics (just five others) can be seen here

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ETA: 10/30
the littlest greenberg

p.s. this is an older pic – I need to scan the newest ones…

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Ok, I guess when I stopped writing about the honeymoon I also stopped posting up the pictures. I’m working on putting them all up, but here are some for now:

Maybe this will give me some motivation to finish the epic that I started back in May…

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Don’t let SkyNet find this:

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