i had a movie moment with the creator of this site earlier today(by the way, like e e cummings, i am a lower case guy. get used to it) .  While father and son Kinsella had their joe jackson,  this father and eldest son(at this point, don’t know what younger son, known as “the spare” thinks) have their disagreement with john donald imus.  the comment that cut through me was that my cynical son feels that the junior ranchers he has out to his cattle ranch are no more than indentured servants.  one of us is naive, and i truly hope it’s not me.  more later(and i don’t necessarily mean more parentheses).

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  1. ok, so maybe I shouldn’t rely on Howard Stern as a legitimate source for news, especially news about one of his rivals – here’san apropos “article” on TheSmokingGun.com

  2. that shonda was the wippersnapper to imus, just like in a few years, there will be a young upstart to stern who will push that envelope even further. yes, billy sol hargus may be tame by today’s standards, but was a tough sell to parody evangelists back then. on a weekly basis, bernard mcgurk on his show wore a fedex envelope in his “cardinal of new york(currently egan[sp?])” impression without the wrath of catholic church snowballing it into an avalanche . yes, you and i may consider the cardinal a public figure and subject to ridicule, but i think there may be a few catholics out there who consider it blasphemy. there are people who should not have jumped from his ship and did. as he has said once before(recently in a dick gidron story. who’s he, you may ask) imus doesn’t forget. by the way, try to get a copy of the picture he was looking at when he made those comments. the barbed wire tat was on an arm as big as mine. p.s. joe jackson should be in the hall of fame, but not pete rose.

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