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Saw my father at the hospital tonight, recovering from getting his right hip replaced yesterday. I saw him last night, too, but didn’t get a chance to post. Anyway, he seems to be a bit groggy, very sleepy and in his own words “uncomfortable”. I guess that beats being in constant pain, although I guess I’m still naive enough to think that 4-5 days of “napping” is an enviable position. I guess it’s not so much the napping that ruins the experience, but rather the whole “too weak to walk and can’t stand up without getting nauseated” part.

Slightly humorous footnote: when my mom and I got home, there was a message from someone at the hospital looking for my dad. You’d think that they of all people would know where he was (as it is, we were given incorrect room numbers twice before I happened to find my father’s room by accident).

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I know this “trick” has been making the rounds, but just in case you haven’t seen it, go to Google maps and get directions from somewhere in the US to somewhere in Europe. Or if you’re lazy, you can just click here for directions from Amesbury, MA, to London, UK. If you use these directions, make sure to check out Step 12!

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i had a movie moment with the creator of this site earlier today(by the way, like e e cummings, i am a lower case guy. get used to it) .  While father and son Kinsella had their joe jackson,  this father and eldest son(at this point, don’t know what younger son, known as “the spare” thinks) have their disagreement with john donald imus.  the comment that cut through me was that my cynical son feels that the junior ranchers he has out to his cattle ranch are no more than indentured servants.  one of us is naive, and i truly hope it’s not me.  more later(and i don’t necessarily mean more parentheses).

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We’ve been getting along quite fine with just our two cell phones (still with 516 numbers – no plans to change that), so I figured that we didn’t need a landline for the house. Well, apparently we do, since the Comcast tech just left and we have a new 978 number.

This coincides with the first offering of VoIP from our cable company. Our original provider, Adelphia, never offered phone service, but once they “became”Comcast it was only a matter of time before they made it available.

We’ll probably send out a mass email with the new number, since the thousands of spambotsmonitoring the blogosphereoutnumber the 5 people who might actually be reading this ‘blog, so posting the number here would be silly.

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Here’sa neat coupon for T.G.I. Friday’s – Enjoy one free appetizer valued up to $8 with a minimum food purchase of $15. Each time you visit that link it resets the “Good From” date and sets the expiration date to be 14 days later, so you can keep printing them out and using them.

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