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Day 4 – Rome/Civitavecchia (2007.05.21)

oops!Day 4 would have started the same as the others, with a breakfast buffet at the hotel, except we had to figure out a way to dry our clothes from the previous night’s laundry festivities (since hanging them out to dry didn’t work). I tried to speed up the drying process using the hair dryer, which turned out to be a not-so-good idea. In addition to melting the hair dryer Read the rest of this entry »

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To Rome!

Day 3 – Florence/Rome (2007.05.20)

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s entry, we started off the day with a nice little train ride from Florence to Rome. Well, we really started the day with the same breakfast buffet, where I actually tried the unidentified fruit-floating-in-juice thing (I think it was pear, but I won’t ever be sure). Once at the train station, we waited for our track to be called. The whole group only had their carry-on luggage, since their suitcases Read the rest of this entry »

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Day 2 – Florence (2007.05.19)

Right now we have a little down time, riding the rails from Florence to Rome. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, but looks like it’s on a loop – beautiful green pastures, villa on the hill, beautiful green pastures, rinse, repeat. So, it’s a good time to talk about yesterday – day 2 of our pre-cruise tour.

Breakfast was pretty good…it was a small Read the rest of this entry »

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As per the Snopes article on the same, Xylitol (a sugar substitute used in sugar-free gum) can be deadly to dogs. So, much the same way that you’d avoid leaving chocolate around, make sure to keep sugar-free foods out of reach of your canines. In fact, it’d be a good idea to not give them people-food at all…

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Even though we haven’t posted anything since Day 1, we did continue to write. The rates for internet access in Rome and on the ship were ridiculous, so we decided to just post after we returned, which is now. Once we unpack a little we’ll post the next day’s entry…just pretend that we posted it 2 weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚

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